"The Best Oven Gloves As Seen on TV"

...Dragons Den & Welt de Wunder! Tired of clumsy oven mitts, poor grip and burns to arms and wrists and dropped dishes? You need a PAIR of the most advanced safety oven gloves available. Gloven Oven Gloves withstands heat up to 250°C -500°F! BUY NOW!


Benefits of Gloven® Oven Gloves

    • Sizes Small: Med: Large: XL and NEW! - XXL! We have sized our oven gloves to fit hands to make them safe when handling hot items.

    • FINGERS! Designed with fingers to make it easy to grab hot items!

    • Made from Nomex® and Kevlar® - material used for NASA space clothing, Formula One Drivers Suits, Gloves, Shoes and Fire-mans Suits and Gloves.

    • Safe up to 500°F - 250°C -

      You can use these gloves for any HOT jobs around the house like changing a light bulb or putting logs into your wood burning stove. Outdoors? You can use for the BBQ and grilling.

    • I purchased these because my sister had a pair and after a cupcake baking session I was hooked and immediately put an order in for a pair, as they are brilliant. No more burnt knuckles etc.
      Mrs. L.M. Philo, Berkshire

      Absolutely brilliant - I don't know how I ever managed without them! Would recommend them to anyone.
      Mrs. Waller, Devon

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